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Our Story

We have always had a passion for cooking and creating our own flavors.  In 2012, we decided to take our passion and start competing in BBQ competitions locally.  As our hobby grew, we started venturing to competitions further away.  In 2016, we placed first place in a Bacon competition that earned us a trip to the World Food Championship in Kissimmee, FL.  For the next four years, we competed and placed in the top 10 at the competition, earning us a return trip the following year.  

To support our hobby, we began catering small parties and family gatherings.  As word got around, our catering business took off and we began catering large corporate and town events.  At many of these events, people reached out to ask where we were located so they could come and order more food from us.  So, in 2020, we decided it was time to venture out and open our own restaurant to support the increase in catering and allow us to reach more people in the community.


And today, here we are.... yes, life threw us a curve ball with this whole COVID-19 pandemic, but we decided to press on.


As always, thank you for supporting us and we promise we will not disappoint.  Our commitment is to bring you exceptional BBQ, as well as, some other awesome options with a BBQ flair!!


In Smoke We Trust!!

Dave & Kerry and George & Jill

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